Why buy online?

Why buy online?In our quest to create a happy place for Malling™, we have come across much negativity. Some feel that South Africa is not ready for online shopping. Some feel they do not need to join this Online Mall. Then there are the shoppers who have had bad experiences. Due to the delivery taking too long. So, why buy online?

The winds of change

Why buy online?Online shopping is fun and convenient. This Online Mall is for South Africans to enjoy online shopping. Think of this as your interactive bookmark for online shops that work. We are here to help you enjoy your online shopping and Malling™ experience, and avoid potential problems. This is a FREE service, that is supported by anyone who appreciates the service we provide. One way to support us is with a link exchange.

What to avoid

Why buy online?There are many online shops that offer almost unbeatable prices. What you may not know, is that you must still pay the import duties. Next they do not have the option to use premium delivery services. Buying from shops like that is frustrating. You wait far too long, and then you get a surprise tax on collection, if your order even arrives!

Do it right

Why buy online?Malling™ recommends using courier services, and prefer shops in this Online Mall who have this option in their check out. There are some exceptions. Using the MyUS.com service, you can buy from North American sites, and have them courier it to you door almost anywhere in the world.